Monday, August 2, 2010

Trying out for teachers pet

Well, not really but I am really excited about this week.  I get to go to class this week, actually 2 of them.

The classes are being held by Art Unraveled, which is a mixed media art retreat  that comes yearly to Phoenix. This is where my love to create and make jewelry all started from. Last year I attended a class on making engraved copper letter openers. What I learned from that was how to work with copper, etch, heat, pound (my favorite part), grind, file, darken and then polish the pieces. Once I completed that class, it gave me a better appreciation of all different types of art and the artists who create them.

This year I have enrolled in 2 different  but  same types of classes. The first class is PMC Freestyle Organic Rings , using PMC3 silver clay. I have never worked with this material before but have done some reading and it looks like fun. I started checking on the web and there are so many beautiful pieces out there. It is amazing on what you can do with it. I just hope it rubs off on me.

The 2nd class is also creating rings but I will be using copper, brass and silver. There are  a lot of texture put on these rings and I know that this will be a fun day. After competing both of these classes and a bit of homework, I hope to come up with a few new designs of my own to sell. I will post some pictures after the class, this weekend.

Next week I want to try my hand at coming up with some kind of demonstration of a process in making jewelry. Maybe a weekly or every other week type of posting.

I am now looking to to get your comments on, is there an easier way to...........?

A way to get more people to your blog and hopefully to you Etsy store. I know part of it can be going to other peoples blogs and leaving comments or tags on your site. My only issue is I will only post to a blog if what I read inspires me somehow and I have something to add to it.  A few of the different blogs I have read have hundreds or thousands of people watching them.

Now I know I just started the blog around a month ago and I am truly ecstatic that I have 11 people who follow me. I know this is a slow process but it is always interesting to learn how others have done it.
Please remember that I always enjoy any type of feedback or just a quick hello.


  1. Oh no- I just realized that I had posted a long comment on your rain post, but it does not appear here. Must have made a mistake. So next try: I am jealous about your classes. I have done a PMC class once, but since I had no kiln, I could never really fall in love with that stuff. Re: etsy & blog followers: Patience would be the word. I am here over a year now, and have 53 followers, and that only happened as I participated in the bead soup party (something you should absolutely consider). The next one is in January, but she will hold a bead swap in between, just contact her. I am also an ABS carnival blogger, but this rarelly gives me comments. I find the most constant medium to get comments yourself is following other people's blogs and commenting on theirs, and then they will come back and see who you are.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  2. This helps a tremendous amount. I will have to check in to the bead soup party or other types of get togethers like that. I wonder if there are any local ones. Thanks.

  3. Just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello. I will be adding myself as a follower. Your jewelry is just gorgeous!

  4. Hi John! I laughed at your last comments because I SO know how that feels. And I'm sure you know that eventually things begin to build. It looks like you've done a great job so far. I've visited your Etsy shop and your jewelry is great. I especially loved the key pendant with the etched copper piece below.

    A bit jealous over the classes - they sound like a blast. Enjoy.

    Have a great weekend!