Thursday, July 29, 2010


Above the earth these angry dark clouds hang. Rumbling intensely as they float on their way. The first drop of water hits my window with great force. Now a second and then a third. It sprinkles slowly for a few minutes and then stops.

COME ON RAIN. Get with the program already.

Living in downtown Phoenix is not always the best place for rain. It seems that with all the heat rising from the city, it pushes the clouds away and then all around Phoenix gets soaked. We really need for it to rain a little more.

I know some states around country are really getting hit and one of my friends is now living in Korea for a year and it is POURING there. I hope to go back there some day (was stationed there in 1983 and it was great)

Tonight we decided on what to make for dinner and my wife had thawed out a whole chicken for me to cook. She found this easy recipe at

It was truly a simple meal to make and it puts such a wonderful smell throughout the house. I have a few photos of how it started and then turned out. The only thing I would change is I put a little butter under the skin and think that maybe it could have used a touch of salt there.

OK. Now I want to challenge everyone who reads this blog to either:
1. tell me a little about yourself.
2. include a favorite recipe you love to make, or
3. Let me know how you like to be creative (drawing, painting, photography, jewelry... you get the picture) and if possible include a link to one of your favorite art/creative pieces that you made.

Lastly if you have any questions for me, just ask.



  1. Good morning. Hope you all finally got some rain. We didn't see any last night, but it was raining earlier. Your chicken looks great!

    In response to your challenge, I express my creativity through cooking and baking...I find it sooo therapeutic. Cake decorating is fun, but it's been a while. I also love writing, hence the blog. :) I plan on learning to sew in the near future, so hopefully that will become another outlet.

    Here's a gardening question for you: Can veggies and herbs be successfully grown in a box (or some other kind of planter)? As of yet, I only have a patio- not a yard. it gets a lot of sunlight in the morning hours. I just really want a garden, but I don't want to wait until I have my own land...know what I mean?

    Thank you!

  2. You can plant anything in any type of container. I have successfully planted tomatoes and even watermelon in planters before and even just large pots. The key is to make sure they get shade if they are in the sun too much (shade cloth) and that you keep up on the watering.

    I have found that the soil tends to dry out faster in these type of containers so I have used bigger pots/planter boxes than I might think I would need and water by hand or auto drip.
    Post some photos when you get it going….

  3. We aren't getting any rain either. But here on the Atlantic coast, we also appreciate sunny days when we get them!

    Interesting challenge. Well, I am a Canadian artisan, scientist, instructor and blogging addict. I like making coconut chicken curry. As you know already from my blog, I do create jewelry but the blog itself is a major creative outlet for me! Pearl