Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another random act of photography - 3

Today I have one from my garden earlier in the year and a few from Pebble Beach in California. Click on the photos for a larger picture.

Sometimes I get a little bugged.

We had a problem with aphids and tried some lady bugs in the garden. They took over this sunflower for the day.

This boulder had many little crevices from all the water and thought it was a fun picture.

 This is on Pebble beach during our trip up the coastline. It was beautiful here.

My attempt using my macro setting. It is now my background picture on my computer.

I have moved around my jewelry studio and hope to show some new pieces soon. All I need is some motivation, motivation & more time in the day.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random acts of photography 2

More random photos from around the states.

I found these along the California coast last year.   

It was so colorful but the pavement was very broken up. It almost looked like someone re-pained it after the cracking. 

I just liked the way this looked. A little beat up.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random acts of photography

Every photographer has some of those photos that they just liked something about them. Maybe it was the colors, could be the way the shadows hit the subject or that something inside me just decided that I need to take a picture of that.

Some of these may not be my "best-favorite" pictures but for most of them I just got that Hmmmmmmm moment and decided I needed to take the shot and see what comes out.

So I decided to name these Random Acts of Photography and to try and post some once a week and see how it goes.

A little chocolate anyone?

I played with some of the shots in photoshop.

 I woke up to an interesting design on an old serving tray.

The light was shining through the window and right through a colander we use for the garden.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My garden is winding down

Summer is here. It is not a good thing. My plants are demanding Air Conditioning or else.

This is the time that my garden starts winding down. I try and put shade cloth and give them more water but 112 degrees is still hot no mater what. It has cooled down to a lovely 104 today.

The onions are winding down and time to pick.

They will cure for up to 2 weeks.

They smell great and taste wonderful. I will plant these again.

Unfortunately my tomatoes are failing fast. There are still some on the vine but not sure how much longer they can take it. My wife has been picking them and they are wonderful.