Thursday, August 26, 2010


Why is writing a challenge for some people (me) and not for others? I find it hard to get started and to come up with interesting things to say. Below are a few of the blogs I read and really enjoy. These writers/artists make it seems so effortless.

For instance: The writing and art of Andrew ThorntonI'd rather be blogging and Waterstone. I would love to have their skill of writing, style and being able to tell a serious or funny story that plays with your feelings and captures your attention. Before you make a decision on their sites, I suggest to read a few of their various posts. Now, because I read around 34 blogs, I only wanted to list just a few but I do enjoy them all.

Now to an update on new jewelry. I found most of the parts to these necklaces from various antique stores during my trip up the California coast. The round beads can be turned so there are 2 patterns for each one. They seem to be made from glass, ceramics or both on a few of them.

The one with the skeleton head came out of my imagination, partly due to my always running out of time. It is a talisman called "protector of time". The skull head is to scare away all who want to steal time from you. It happens every day. It is not fixed in place so the head can swivel on top of the sterling silver spiral. The clock face and gear behind it have been connected together with Sterling silver "infinity" hands (it looks close, just go with it).

I hope to put these on Etsy soon.

I have almost finished putting together the give away. I will let you know very soon.


  1. I have the same problem with writing and my posts are getting shorter and shorter....LOL
    Protector of Time...I need this one...always find myself running out of time ;)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Ooh, I love the time piece one. And thanks for the compliment. I just realized that if I write exactly what's in my head, it comes out better instead of planning and worrying so much about it. THEN I edit. Plus it's better than a journal. :)