Monday, August 9, 2010

Big sad SIGHHHHH. 

Unfortunately both of my classes have been completed BUT I had a great time, made a few friends and learned a lot of great things and I ended up with 2 rings from each class. I was also able to include a little drama as well. Sometimes you have to pay extra for that.

My first class was after work this past Wednesday and it was the PMC3 (precious metal clay-silver). I did have fun learning how to work with the metal clay. It does dry quite fast but it can be slowed down.  My first ring was more of a rush job because I was trying to go to fast but I learned more of what to do for the next one. My second ring I thought about before I actually started working on it and THAT is the secret to this medium. Get everything laid out ahead of time and think of what kind of design you want to do, then pull the clay out and get to work. The instructor was Donna Lewis in Scottsdale AZ. She also created these Lil Bella clay pots which act as a little humidifier to keep the clay moist. If you do PMC, you could really use one of these.


After all these rings were completed, the whole class left all the rings (about 40 or so) on the kiln to dry so they could be fired. She even took pictures of all the finished rings and had everyone sign for their rings when they were picked up a few days later. The drama decided to get involved when one student had picked up one of my rings by mistake and it was gone. Now to be honest, all the rings were pretty close in shape and design so I could see the confusion happening. Donna was able to find out who signed for the ring, contact that person and I was able to pick it up today. She ROCKS. It is all to her organization, creativity of taking photos of the finished rings and keeping track of who received their rings. I would definitely take another class from her again.

Now, on Friday, I had an all day class that I loved even more because you work with metal. It was taught by Melissa Manley who is an artist, instructor at various art retreats and teaches at a community college in NC. I really enjoyed her approach to making jewelry and am so thankful with what I learned.  I have tried making rings before but with very little success but now, watch out. I was able to complete 2 rings in that class as well. We used fine silver to make the band and then a copper band with texture on top of that. My wife's ring was filled with X’s and O’s.

I had just tried some different patterns on mine with a sterling silver rivet in the middle. The MT stands for Me Too. A phrase that my wife and I keep saying to each other because of our common love of jewelry, crafts and hobbies we share.

I was going to name my ring/quote  Lord of the Rings “One Ring to rule them all”  but then the house would be filled with hobbits, or......

Have any of you readers taken any recent art, jewelry, writing, music, etc.... type of class and just had the greatest time doing it??   Leave a comment and let us know what you enjoyed and a link to it if you want.



  1. Hi John,

    These are beautiful. They look lime a piece of jewelry you would find at a high end studio gallery. Hope you are doing well!

  2. i took a pmc class- i didn't love it, b/c the teacher was a little mean, told me to stop asking questions and gave me and my friend looks if we talked to eachother BUT i LOVE working with PMC now that i'm out of the class!!! i'd love to find a different teacher and learn more. but now that i've gotten my feet wet, i'm finding books at the library and just figuring stuff out.

    i love taking creative classes.

    the best one ever was a mosaic class i took- it was one of those magical groups of people that connected and inspired-

  3. It is too bad that you got a teacher who is not friendly and patient. Kind of takes the fun out of the class. I would like to learn to make other things with the PMC clay but rings for me were hard.

    I mean you have to make the ring 2 sizes bigger. What if they do not shrink enough or maybe too much. I would like to try some pendants with and without stones.

  4. Wow, John. Looks like a great class. Your rings are gorgeous! I've never taken a class, but developed the "fever" for PMC a couple of yrs. ago. I got a kiln and made many things. Note: My ring wasn't NEARLY as pretty as yours. Nice job.

  5. Thank you. It was a beginning class and once we learned how to work with it, the teacher fired it in a kiln. I did learn some basics but had fun with the pattern using necklace chains and watch gears. I hope to try it again soon.