Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My compass does not only point north.

I feel I have temporarily lost my way. Well, maybe just misplace it somewhere. I have taken a long break and need to change things up a little.

So I guess I am in the market for a really good compass to help me find my way again. Not just any average one that only points to north. I am looking for the really COOL electronic one. (kind of like the Swiss army knife version).

I did find one last month that has really started to help me out. Here are a few of the uses it has done in the last 2 weeks: I have found north, a particular address, I am able to see the stars in the sky even in daylight and helps me find my way in the dark. It keeps me from forgetting important dates, my to do’s and even when to exercise. I can be entertained by listening to music, watching a movie or tv show, take photos or even helping out some really upset avian’s on a rampage (Angry Birds game).

I did this all by upgrading to a smart phone from t-mobile. It is a Mytouch 4g. This is a wonderful phone and there are a lot of great apps that come with it or that can be added on later, even for free. I plan to use this to keep me more motivated with my blog and my jewelry.

It did inspire me to get this on the blog. I will try and submit more, shorter posts using the phone’s capabilities of pictures and text. We will see.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention you can even talk on it as well??