Saturday, August 21, 2010

Being organizationally challenged

The table - workshop is finished. Too bad it does not look like this now. It only takes a few projects to mess it up again. On this photo, it is a little messy but you need to have your STUFF Work Tools organized.

Next to my work area is my Mac laptop. I love my Mac and I have had a lot of PC's as well. Don't get me started on why I like them, it could turn into a LONG POST. But they are great.

This blog inspired me to change my setup and get more organized. It is Sacred Jewelry Yoga and Designs.  She has some nice jewelry as well.

One item in particular I have struggled with is keeping all my tools together. I found this metal stand at a goodwill store. I think it used to have a candle in it but it works perfectly.

Like I said earlier, I wish it looked like the pictures now but I am working on a few new rings based off my class I took a few weeks ago. The ring on the left is almost finished, needing a little more polishing. The ring on the right needs the silver pounded around the sides.

It makes it so much easier to work when things are somewhat organized.

Now my question to all of you, how organized is your workspace? Does it all work for you or have you thought of changing things around? ALSO, do you have any pictures you want to share or maybe post them to your blog. My email address is if you want share with me so I can post them here in a few days or your website you have put them on.

Have a great day.


  1. I would say my space is NOT organized at all. Or refer to it as creative chaos. I just got a new table so I can work in the living room, but this already turns into a mess as well. Not good.
    You have such a cool amount of tools. Maybe that would be worth a post - talking about your favorite ones (we all love tools).

  2. Hey John! Your space looks really organized, I think you also need MORE space! I might be brave and send you a picture or two of my space. Lots of stuff spread out over four tables. I keep my two show/travel bins in the center of the room and the bathroom holds my rolling mill, gas cannisters, and diplomas that should be on walls.
    Say, thanks again for the really cool bead you so generously handed over to me. I think Melissa Manley really loved it too! She was a great teacher, even if she's from 'fairy land'...LOL.
    See you around Phoenix!!! Gabrielle Becker

  3. Great job on the new Band rings John!

  4. My studio is a nightmare of disorganization. I was showing it to some friends yesterday and remarking that I haven't swept the floor in over a year. Here is an old pic, my bench has even more tools on it now:

    It's always a struggle as I know I should clean it up so that I can find all of my tools, but when I get in there all I want to do it make stuff. Sigh.

  5. I think it looks wonderful. Too organized makes it hard to work on it. I wish I could keep it to a small desk-table. My table is 9' 10" and I use 4 feet of it for my computer so the rest is for jewelry and stuff.