Saturday, January 1, 2011

RESET button

Hello everyone.

I know most of you probably thought you would not hear from me again but here I am. This past year had some really great times and a few setbacks but didn't we all. I have done pretty good with my jewelry shows and the last one was the best.

Starting in 2011, I am hitting the RESET button and I am going to shake things up. My plan this year is to take a jewelry class at a local community college (starting in 2 weeks at night), come up with some really different and fun designs, loose weight, keep up with my garden and design a new business card & logo.

This is all a little ambitious but whatever is worth doing is worth overdoing :)  I will try and keep this updated once a week or so.

Happy new year.

P.S. Please share any new years resolutions you are planning to try this year.

1 comment:

  1. I happen to think it's a perfectly good list - not too much but a good little push. I'm glad to see you post again as well. Welcome back!