Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hello again everyone.

I have been temporarily lost but I have not forgot about this blog or all of you. I have taken a little time off to do some work on a few other projects and spending some time creating a few new fun pieces. I have a couple of shows I am going to and needed to increase my inventory a bit.

I am really looking forward to my sister in law coming here from San Diego to visit starting this Friday. I will get to try out my new BBQ and hope to have a few pics of how that turns out. Well, back to work......


  1. Where have you been??? I look forward to your posts, and love seeing your new creations! Please tell us about your upcoming shows -- when and where?

  2. I love love love (and adore) your jewelry, John. Especially my F.U.N. Scrabble necklaces! And the copper bird necklace. The recent Willow art show was excellent! Keep creating.
    - Diana and Ester