Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magic chicken

Per my previous post I mentioned my magic pampered chef covered pan and decided to share 2 photos with you to PROVE it really works.

This one is with all my vegies cut up and seasoning on top. Right after this, I put on a few boneless thighs and a few breast strips with some more spices.

This is how it turned out after 17 minutes. IN THE MICROWAVE!

Alright, I do impress easily but it was very good.

I had finally found something on Craigslist that I have been searching for. A simple anvil. Just a big lump of really hard metal.  I have been using one of those small metal blocks to hammer metal on to but  Sometimes I need something a little more sturdy so my hammer does not bounce so much. I found this small 35lb anvil which is not very big (compared to the hammer next to it) and it was pretty rusty. I took a grinder to the top and horn and finally some different sandpapers to it to try and polish the top up a little.

This works great. I hope to have some new stuff up shortly.


  1. that's unbelievable. i didn't know you could cook chicken in the microwave. were you a little nervous?

  2. A little but we did watch her with a recipe that was close to this one and it turned out great. It does really work.

    I did find cooking a whole chicken at one time, the white meat was dry. I plan to try all the recipes that came with it.