Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Where does all the time go??? Is it the same place that lost socks vanish to or the lids to the food containers in the kitchen drawers disappear? Could it be a black hole? I mean it took me over a week to write all of this.

Maybe it could be a not so unusual condition called the “Crafters Trance”, where you get so involved in a project that time, behind your back, moves the clock hands just a little farther ahead than it should be. It happens to me all the time. I know it has happened to you as well, come on. Admit it.
I think I will need to start a coalition within the crafting community! I will call it


Against   Losing   Any   Real   Minutes

We will have to get a logo and membership buttons, send out fliers and…..…… hmmm, I just ran out of time again so I guess I will have to try this another day.
I am very impressed with how everyone (except me) who can have a blog, keep up with said blog, make fun and amazing items (or live interesting and adventurous lives-you know who you are Gigantic Beauty) and still have time for everything else. I bow to all of your incredibleness.

I have been trying to do just that but I just finished with a show at the Willo Home Tour which just down the street from my house (my best show ever) on Feb 14 and then turn around and make more items for my next show on Saturday March 5th for the 10th annual Melrose on 7th ave street fair M7. Both of the shows were wonderful and I did really well at both but now I am tired and my shop is really, REALLY in bad condition. Organization is a skill that I really need help with.

I am going to share my time between jewelry and an e-class that combines photography and photoshop to get wonderful results that I hope to incorporate into designing a new business card. It is called Lost Aussie on the loose. I noticed this class in another blog that I like to read and they were giving away 2 spots to the class and I won one of those spots.  I will inclued some pictures in a few days once I get the hang of all this.

And finally a sad note that I also feel a need to mention on is about all that is going on in Japan. My heart goes out to the country and those people who are going through this unfortunate tragedy. I hope everyone will say a prayer for these people.


  1. Congrats on the class! You lucky guy - I would love to have someone teach me how to use Photoshop. I can only do a couple of things and, as you are probably aware, it can turn into a TIME suck. I have that time thing going on constantly around me and we certainly need ALARM.

    Have a great weekend!