Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where have you all been??

Hello there again everyone. Where did you all go? I have been writing and pouring my heart out for months………

No, wait. hmmmm.. I thought that was me.

Anyway welcome back. It helps to take a vacation once in a while but now I need to get serious and get 400 followers (or so) to start with :).  I also took a little time off my jewelry making and now have started back up. Here are a few pieces that I have finished.

Copper with Sterling Silver Rivets.

Copper leaf using a rolling mill and a real dried leaf pressed into the metal.

My wife's beautiful wine stoppers. The view is from the top and is fused glass.

I participated in a few street fairs this year and didn’t do too badly. Unfortunately the 2 copper pieces above did not sell but maybe they were meant for someone else..  I hope to get them on Etsy soon.

I even went to a pretty big show in Fountain Hills and just walked around and enjoyed myself. I met some really neat artists, “My People” artists who look at jewelry and art the same way I do. Very inspiring.

There is 1 in particular that I could not just walk by her booth without buying something. I wear her piece daily and it inspires me to want to keep doing what I do. Her Etsy website is  www.etsy.com/shop/gailshaner .  Check her place out.


  1. Beautiful work.

    Regards and best wishes

  2. That must be a crow on the first piece--one of my favorite birds, although some people despise them!

    Red Seeds at Sunrise

  3. Thanks for the compliments. The bird on the first piece is a crow. I do think they are beautiful birds.

    Also per previous suggestion, I have removed the word verification and see how that goes. Thanks for letting me know.